Animal Tribes

This is a Furry based game, with 10 main tribes as follows:

None of the hooved tribes chose to evolve; world-wide ungulate, cervine and anything upon hooves is still hoof-bound and dumb.

Major Tribes

The major tribes make up the vast majority of society, cats typically as administrators, dogs as labourers with mice and rats supporting the system from the bottom as drudges and scullion work. Despite — or perhaps, because of — mice and rats are generally considered disposable.

Small Cat – “domestic” cats
Dog – “domestic” canines
Mouse or Rat – Considered by many to be pests, mice and rats scurry in the shadows of society

Minor Tribes

These tribes are not seen in society as often but are visibly present in all walks of life.

Rabbit – Nimble and quick, they are still oppressed by many races
Big Cat – Cougars, lions and tigers, Oh my. Large and regal felines
Raccoon – A clever race with clever paws and clever minds. Perhaps they are TOO clever for their own good some might say
Squirrel – High strung and hot tempered, squirrels are surprisingly barbaric despite tiny sizes
Bear – Not many are larger than the Bear tribe
Wolf – A noble tribe yet infuriatingly hide bound and stuck in the past

Strange Tribes

These tribes are rarely seen but still comprise of large number of adventurers.

Badger or Wolverine – Fierce solitary hunting creatures
Red Panda – Adorable creatures less known for their cunning than cuteness
Fox – A wily race known wide for their silver tongues

Animal Tribes

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